Trinidad, Cuba: Unesco heritage in the Caribbean sea

The second part of my Cuban adventure

By Vanessa Costa

La Habana is the capital of Cuba, an incredible city in every way, but it is not the only one! There are several gems throughout the country and Trinidad is one of them. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988, Trinidad dates back to the sugar industry in the 16th century and preserves its colonial architecture with cobbled streets and beautiful mansions that have plenty of history to tell. In addition, Trinidad is very close to the coast and you can relax in the breathtaking Caribbean Sea. So, after experiencing La Habana, we went to Trinidad where we stayed for 4 days, including the New Year.

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Cuba beyond La Habana: Baracoa

Beautiful, exotic and far from the massive tourism

By Francesca Sciarra

Cubans say that “Cuba starts in Baracoa”. And they say this for two main reasons: it was the first town founded in Cuba, by the Spanish conqueror Diego Velázquez, in 1511; And it’s the most Eastern town of the island, therefore the one that every day sees the sun first.

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Cuba for the first time

A dream trip coming true

By Vanessa Costa

My wish to go to Cuba comes from the ’90s… Whenever I listened to a song by Brazilian songwriter Caetano Veloso, “Mamãe, eu quero ir pra Cuba, quero ver a vida lá” [“Mom, I want to go to Cuba, I want to see how life’s there,”] I kept wondering what life would be like there. But it was difficult to find a companion to travel to Cuba at that time. Finally, last December-January, I managed to fulfill that wish with 3 great friends.

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The cheapest top-rated hostels in Barcelona for the summer

The best hostels under 30€ a night

You are coming to Barcelona, one of the most touristic cities in the world, right? Unless you have a good budget for accommodation and plan well in advance, you may easily not find a good place to stay or worse: end up paying high for low-cost rooms. But we’re here to help!  We picked the best 5 top-rated hostels in Barcelona for under 30€. Our number 1 tip is: if any of them makes you smile, book it! In Barcelona, the best hostels get fully booked very, very easily.

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How to save money to travel [the definitive guide]

A complete method for financial success applied to travel

When it comes to planning your finances, before any action you need to set the basics straight. It means you need to have 6 pillar actions clear as crystal in your mind and daily life. They are:

  1. To have a travel and financial plan
  2. To picture your finances now
  3. To organize your finances
  4. To spend less
  5. To make extra money
  6. To invest your money

But how to execute them? How not to give up in the middle? Keep reading and find out a complete method that will make your dream vacation come true no matter how much money you have today.

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