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How to find cheap flights online

Simple tips to get the best flight deals

What takes to find the best deals when deciding to travel? How to find cheap flights (or the cheapest flights) online to your dream destination? When are the best dates to travel? When are the best dates to buy your ticket? These and other questions are common when you want to travel and decide to search for your flight online.

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What’s the Secret Flight Club?

Tell us where you want to travel to, and get the best list of flights ever

Everybody seems to find amazing travel offers, except you, right? How to find good flights at a reasonable fare? How to find the cheapest flights possible when your budget is tight? If you don´t have the time or patience to keep searching over and over the internet, this is for you: our Secret Flight Club. And with no fees, no commitment, no nothing.

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What makes an airline the best?

A close look at the top 5 airlines in the world

Singapore Airlines is the best carrier in the world, according to TripAdvisor. The company just got the first prize, again, at the 3rd Travellers’ Choice Awards for Airlines. The award is given based on calculations made upon the quantity and quality of airline reviews and ratings submitted by travelers across the world over a 12-month period. But why are “the best” the best?

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Australia bans travelers with domestic violence charges

Women’s offenders are not welcome in the country anymore

Last month Australia gave a step forward in the lack of tolerance policy for domestic violence. A new law bans travelers with a history of domestic violence charges against women or children and stops them from entering the country. Hurray!!!

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