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Trinidad, Cuba: Unesco heritage in the Caribbean sea

The second part of my Cuban adventure

By Vanessa Costa

La Habana is the capital of Cuba, an incredible city in every way, but it is not the only one! There are several gems throughout the country and Trinidad is one of them. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988, Trinidad dates back to the sugar industry in the 16th century and preserves its colonial architecture with cobbled streets and beautiful mansions that have plenty of history to tell. In addition, Trinidad is very close to the coast and you can relax in the breathtaking Caribbean Sea. So, after experiencing La Habana, we went to Trinidad where we stayed for 4 days, including the New Year.

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What to know before going to Thailand for the first time

Tips about where to go, prices, what to do, and all in between

By Edson Eiras

My first time in Thailand was for a big reason: I wanted to celebrate my birthday in a heavenly spot, with sunshine, great beaches, lots of history, and under an affordable budget. I think I tackled it all.

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A primeira eurotrip de um casal gay [Portugues]

Primeira Eurotrip de um casal gay

Os publicitários brasileiros Julio Bedin e Rogério Rabitto contam como se sentiram em sua primeira viagem pra Europa gay couple in Barcelona

Nossa primeira viagem pra Europa foi um sanduíche com duas camadas de Barcelona e uma de Berlin no meio. A época foi excelente, final de maio começo de junho, tudo a pleno vapor, mas sem a multidão de turistas comum nas capitais catalã e alemã nesse período.  É impossível fazer esse “relato” sem que haja comparações com nossa terra natal, o Brasil.

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Travel Journal: gay Europe for first-timers

First Eurotrip from a gay couple’s point-of-view

A Brazilian couple, Julio Bedin and Rogério Rabitto, tells how it felt in their first trip to Barcelona and Berlin

gay couple in Barcelona

Our eurotrip was like a sandwich with two ‘layers’ of Barcelona and Berlin in the middle. The season was excellent, late May early June, all in full swing, but without the ordinary crowd of tourists in the Catalan and German capitals in that period. Important to say that it is impossible to make this “report” without comparisons with our homeland, Brazil.

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