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cheap flights to menorca

If you are a beach lover, you certainly heard of Menorca. If not, you certainly heard of its sisters: Ibiza, Mallorca or Formentera. The four are the Balearic Islands, a sight of paradise in the Mediterranean sea, just 50-min away if you fly from Barcelona.

As for its strategic location, in the center of the western Mediterranean, Menorca has experienced lots of different cultures. The human presence has left traces that go back to 2000BC.

Nowadays Menorca is known for breathtaking beaches, beautiful villages, cultural activities, sailing, and other sea sports, besides being the summer spot of the rich and famous from Catalonia, Spain, and Europe.

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Down on the page, you’ll find a selection of the best hotel deals on the island, based on the discounts offered. Also, you can search for a car to rent in Menorca – something we strongly recommend as the island has tons of must-sees around.

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Cheap flights to Menorca for the next months

Cheap flights to Menorca

OriginDeparture atReturn atDestinationPrice
Barcelona4 October 20217 October 2021Menorca23
Valencia21 September 202125 September 2021Menorca28
Palma Mallorca20 September 202122 September 2021Menorca38
Bilbao20 October 202122 October 2021Menorca43
Alicante11 September 202114 September 2021Menorca44
Madrid21 September 202127 September 2021Menorca46
Malaga8 October 202112 October 2021Menorca53
Paris25 September 202128 September 2021Menorca53
Marseille13 September 202116 September 2021Menorca54
Milan14 September 202119 September 2021Menorca55
Warsaw15 September 202117 September 2021Menorca62
London22 October 202124 October 2021Menorca71
Santiago De Compostela11 September 202115 September 2021Menorca72
Asturias30 September 20213 October 2021Menorca73
Lisbon2 October 20217 October 2021Menorca78
Gdansk16 September 202119 September 2021Menorca79
Katowice15 September 202117 September 2021Menorca79
Naples30 September 20213 October 2021Menorca83
Berlin7 October 202112 October 2021Menorca83
Santander11 September 202113 September 2021Menorca88
Copenhagen28 September 20214 October 2021Menorca90
Dusseldorf26 September 202128 September 2021Menorca107
Amsterdam13 October 202115 October 2021Menorca109
Ibiza14 September 202117 September 2021Menorca118
Kyiv28 October 202131 October 2021Menorca132
Moscow18 October 202124 October 2021Menorca137
Vigo9 October 202110 October 2021Menorca138
Porto20 August 202225 August 2022Menorca141
Corvera2 October 20217 October 2021Menorca143
Stockholm5 October 20218 October 2021Menorca161
La Coruna11 September 202117 September 2021Menorca164
Poznan15 September 202117 September 2021Menorca199
Hanover26 September 202128 September 2021Menorca200
Faro21 October 202123 October 2021Menorca204
Paderborn22 September 202126 September 2021Menorca276
Saint Petersburg4 October 202110 October 2021Menorca291
Kassel22 September 202126 September 2021Menorca359
Tel Aviv-Yafo14 September 202118 September 2021Menorca426
Omsk25 October 202131 October 2021Menorca480
Salvador11 November 202117 November 2021Menorca557
Newcastle27 December 20212 January 2022Menorca565
Zanzibar9 October 202113 October 2021Menorca818

Most popular hotels in Menorca

Menorca has a wide range of accommodation options throughout the island. Here there is a list of the most popular hotels in Menorca, all with very good reviews. If you need more options, check my accommodation page.

Rent a car in Menorca

Unless you really are an adventurous traveler, we strongly recommend you to rent a car in Menorca. It will make it way easier to explore the island, find those hidden tiny beaches, move up and down from nature to towns in a quick fashion, and much more. So book your car for a quite good fare with Economy Bookings below.

In case you prefer to rent a bike or a scooter, just check it here.

What is the best part of Menorca?

The Northern part of Menorca is where nature is better conserved, with the Northern Marine Reserve and the Natural Park of S’Albufera. Besides, Ciutadella is a more picturesque town to visit than Mahón.

Is it possible to enjoy Menorca without a car?

Yes, it is. However, bear in mind the island is not so small (nearly 700km2) and it may take quite a while to explore it thoroughly on a bike, by bus or simply walking.

Which are the most famous beaches in Menorca?

The beaches everybody wants to go to in Menorca are Macarella, Macarelleta, Torqueta, Galdana, and Mitjana. 

Which are the lesser-known beaches in Menorca?

Menorca has some beaches that are not in urbanized areas or are out of the bus lines. Some examples are Cala Escorxada, Cala Tortuga, Cala Presili, and Cala Pilar.