Kiwi flights

flight offers has become one of the big players in the flight search landscape. It was founded in 2011 in the Czech Republic and in a few years has skyrocketed. Today it sells around 10,000 bookings daily. Today travelers can book cheap flights, trains, and buses at That said, they are not a meta-search, like Trip Trip Now or Skyscanner, but they are direct sellers and as so hold the ultimate responsibility to the customer. Cancellations and changes fall within their guarantees.

Kiwi is 28% cheaper on average

According to German magazine Focus, is 28% cheaper than the average. That outcome is possible because Kiwi uses an algorithm that combines flights from 650 airlines that normally wouldn’t operate together.

Multimodal flights, trains, and buses

Kiwi is especially good at providing multimodal flights – instead of a simple return ticket, the traveler can find good prices even when adding more stopovers until getting to the final destination. Besides, it offers a wide range of trains and buses.

If you’d like to check Kiwi’s offers in trains and buses, go to this page.

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