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Kiwi flights has become one of the big players in the flight search landscape. It was founded in 2011 in the Czech Republic and in a few years has skyrocketed. Today it sells around 10,000 bookings daily. Today travelers can book cheap flights, trains, and buses at That said, they are not a meta-search, like Trip Trip Now or Skyscanner, but they are direct sellers and as so hold the ultimate responsibility to the customer. Cancellations and changes fall within their guarantees. is 28% cheaper on average

According to German magazine Focus, is 28% cheaper than the average. That outcome is possible because Kiwi uses an algorithm that combines flights from 650 airlines that normally wouldn’t operate together.

Multimodal flights, trains, and buses

Kiwi is especially good at providing multimodal flights – instead of a simple return ticket, the traveler can find good prices even when adding more stopovers until getting to the final destination. Besides, it offers a wide range of trains and buses.

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FAQs about

How safe is to book flights? is safe to book flights. But just as the majority of the travel industry, has had a rough time with the pandemic and is overloaded with refund requests. Despite that, Kiwi has improved its technology, by automating refunds, has expanded ticket-offer, and has not gone bankrupt. The company has kept afloat with more than 2,500 employees around the world.

How does work?

Kiwi sells air and ground tickets directly to customers through a network of partners – carriers, OTAs, tour operators, technology providers and metasearch sites. But differently from competitors, Kiwi has developed a technology called “virtual interlining” that allows the company to combine tickets from different providers and offer them as an unique itinerary. Kiwi then purchases the tickets from the carriers, issues the e-ticket and guarantees the price booked even if it goes up (until a reasonable limit).

Are flights refundable?

Yes, Kiwi flights are refundable but the extent of it depends on some variables.

If the flight is canceled by the carrier, Kiwi offers 4 options. 

1. The traveler is refunded in Kiwi’s credit to be used in future bookings.

2. If the traveler has paid for Guarantee (an additional service to protect against changes made by the carriers), the traveler can choose to be refunded in money by Kiwi.

3. The traveler can handle the refund directly with the carrier and then will be subjected to their policy. For that to happen, Kiwi will forward the traveler all the details.

4. The traveler can leave Kiwi to negotiate the refund with the carrier (“assisted refund”). The outcome will be subjected to the carrier’s policy.

If the cancellation is done voluntarily by the traveler, the refund will depend on the ticket’s fare, the purchase conditions, and if the passenger has paid for Guarantee.

How good are reviews?

Kiwi is by far the most rated flight search company on Trustpilot. It’s reviewed by more than 56,000 users and its average rating is 3.3 out of 5. Sixty-eight percent of users consider excellent and 9% find it good. Twenty-one percent consider it bad or very bad. 

Skyscanner has user reviews spread over 5 domains on Trustpilot, but it has far fewer reviews than, not reaching 10,000. Skyscanner’s top rate on Trust Pilot is 3.2 out of 5. The best-rated Skyscanner service is in Spain and the worst is in Denmark. 

Kayak also has reviews spread over 5 domains and all of them make up to around 5,000 reviews on Trustpilot. It has the best rating (around 3.5), but much less users consider Kayak excellent. On,  only 46% of users consider it excellent and 16% consider it good. Twenty-eight percent consider it bad or very bad.