Flights from Toronto to New York

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New York flights from Toronto: 185 C$ in January 2020

Who wants to go to New York? Give yourself this super special treat! A few days in the world’s capital with direct flights from Toronto, Canada. Take a look at them at my Flight Finder!

There are around 45 flights every day from Toronto to New York. The fastest flight is 1:30h.

With AirCanada or American Airlines departures from Toronto to New York, you can take off to the vibrant Big Apple in a blink of eyes. World-famous NYC is a marvelous town, stuffed with fantastic nightlife, eating, and historic sights.  There are wonderful art museums, stellar attractions, killer bars and restaurants in NYC, with tons of different sources of inspiration.

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For your flight Toronto – New York, I’ve listed the most cost-effective dates below. However, if none of those suits then feel free to check on my flights’ calendar and see what alternative deals you’ll find!

Best dates for flights from Toronto to New York

7 – 20 January: 188 C$

8 – 20 January: 185 C$

23 – 30 January: 185 C$

Sum-up: Toronto to NYC flights roundtrip

Provider: AirCanada and American Airlines

Travel period: Dates available across January 2020

Airport of departure: City Center Airport Toronto or Pearson Airport

Destination: Newark Airport, La Guardia Airport or JFK Airport

Hotel: Find hotels here
Rental car: Check out Prices Here
Flight price: from185 C$ per person