Covid travel packing list [download]

A list of essentials to travel safely and complying with the rules in 2021  

Travelling has changed drastically and it is critical to have in mind how a packing list should be in pandemic times. While Europe is resuming traveling, it is mandatory to travel with items that comply with the travel permits, prevent the spread of the virus and follow the guidelines of health authorities. The main goal of everyone, of course, is to prevent new COVID-19 outbreaks.

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The best countries to visit in Europe in 2021

Which European countries are open for vaccinated (and unvaccinated) travelers?

Vaccinated travelers are now a precious asset, despite the fact that vaccines are not a reality in most of the world yet. Only 8.90% of the global population has been vaccinated with at least one dose (on 14th of May), and there is a huge imbalance among countries or continents.  While Asia has vaccinated under 5% of its population, South America has done 14%, Europe as a whole has reached 26% and North America (Mexico included) has immunized 32%. Special mentions go to Israel, which has 62% of its entire population vaccinated; the UK has 53%, and the United States has 46%. 

As the vaccination in the European Union (31%) and the US seems to have a good rhythm, some tourism authorities have already unveiled their plans regarding the European summer season. There is an obvious side note to this: if new COVID outbreaks pop up, restrictions may be put back in place. 

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10 Free things to do in Paris [in 2021]

What to do in the City of Lights for free

Paris isn’t known as a cheap destination. Indeed, it is not. Whether it´s a museum entry or fine dining, you’ll probably leave a bunch of bucks to enjoy the most charming and elegant European capital. Paris’ charming arrondissements full of cafes, gleaming boutiques, museums, and Michelin-starred restaurants make it the most pricey city.

However, Paris is also loaded with things to do that won’t cost a sou (old French coin). So come with us to know Paris without spending tons of cash.

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10 Free things to do in New York [in 2021]

What to do in NYC paying nothing (or nearly nothing)

New York is undoubtedly one of the most expensive cities in the U.S. (and the world) but also a dream for many international travelers. While average accommodation in NY can strip your wallet out, and coffee & muffin easily reach up to $10, it’s necessary to show that there are other possibilities to enjoy the city. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities for free tours, outdoor activities, and cultural attractions. Here are 10 fun free things you can do in NYC without spending a cent.

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How to find public restrooms near you [updated]

6 bathroom finder apps to download when traveling

Whether you are traveling or just going around your town, and all of a sudden need to urgently do number one or number two, know that there are great apps out there to help spot a restroom near you to go. We picked 6 apps that are still in the market (as many have simply stopped working) that promise to come to your rescue in those moments of rebel bowels.

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