Who we are

Trip Trip Now is a blog based on the vacation experiences of a couple (Sofia and Simon) & friends. We are not full-time travelers and we don’t wish to be, but we do love traveling. As the majority of the population, we have fixed jobs and make plans to travel during our holidays. Sometimes they are long holidays, sometimes they are short escapades, but they are all equally daydreamed about.

Important to say that we, the creators, work in the travel industry, but in major companies. So Trip Trip Now is our blog to register personal experiences, what we’ve learned through traveling and it is also a way of helping others by giving quality advice.

On the practical side, Trip Trip Now uses meta-searching engines that bring multiple ways to find cheap flights, nice hotels, travel experiences, car rental, and much more related to traveling. Trip Trip Now is free to use and we DO NOT sell tickets directly. What we offer is a way to find the best rates of products and services for your trips.

best hotels and flights

Trip Trip Now Helps you Find Cheap Hotels and Flights by:

  • Offering you plenty of ways to search and find travel products. You have our own metasearch available on our homepage and on pages travel.triptripnow.com (for flights and hotels) and fly.triptripnow.com (for flights only).
  • We put together the most recognized vendors in the travel industry in our site too. This way the user can additionally search for flights at Skyscanner, Kiwi, and Vueling;  accommodation at Booking, Agoda and others;  train and bus tickets at Omio, former GoEuro, car rental at Economy Bookings, Avis or Sixt, and much more. In some cases you’ll be able to use search forms directly; in some cases, you’ll only click on a banner and will be redirected to the vendor’s page.

What We Don’t Do

Trip Trip Now is not a travel agent. We do not sell hotels nor provide reservation services. You cannot make a booking on our website. We are a blog with tools to help you find you the best deal for your travel needs. Once you identify the best-priced provider or best deal for you, we link you through to our partner sites to complete your reservation directly on their website.

Please note: Any queries you have regarding reservations, amendments, cancellations or hotel specific information are our supplier partners’ responsibility because they are the ones who handle your reservation.

How do we make money?

We have partnerships with the most recognized brands from the travel industry and therefore are their affiliate partners. So when you start your purchase process of any travel product or service (flights, hotel booking, car rental, etc.) at Trip Trip Now, a small percentage comes to us. You don’t pay any more for that and you help us maintain our blog.

Do we accept guest-posting?

We are eager to grow our community both through our blog and our social media. So if you’d like to collaborate with Trip Trip Now, sharing information about your trips or useful travel advice on a post written by you only for us, email us and we’ll share our guidelines (there aren’t many but it’s important to know them beforehand). If you’d like to know more about guest-posting in the travel industry, we’d love to have a chat with you.