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10 Free things to do in Paris [in 2021]

What to do in the City of Lights for free

Paris isn’t known as a cheap destination. Indeed, it is not. Whether it´s a museum entry or fine dining, you’ll probably leave a bunch of bucks to enjoy the most charming and elegant European capital. Paris’ charming arrondissements full of cafes, gleaming boutiques, museums, and Michelin-starred restaurants make it the most pricey city.

However, Paris is also loaded with things to do that won’t cost a sou (old French coin). So come with us to know Paris without spending tons of cash.

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Where was Emily in Paris filmed?

The real-life locations of Netflix’s hit show that travelers can visit

In pandemic times, watching Emily in Paris became fun and honest escapism. It is true that the show is full of clichés about France, but fantasy was exactly what we craved for in the lack of real traveling.

Is the show stereotypical? Sure. Is real Paris not as pictured in the show? Yes and no. Are the show’s locations so beautiful in real life as on the screen? Totally. 

As we love Paris as much as millions of travelers that visit the city every year, we pinned down the main locations of the show. Au revoir!

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Top 5 most romantic destinations

Five perfect cities for a love trip

What’s better than traveling?

Easy: traveling with your beloved one! Exploring the world with your special partner, when you are in the mood for love, is priceless. For this occasion, we’ve chosen the 5 most romantic places to go with your partner and have the most wonderful time.

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