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The safest beaches in Europe for 2020 summer

Where to enjoy the sun and sea as Europe reopens for tourism

Finally, travelers can start to plan their holidays in Europe after the coronavirus outbreak. Most of the countries have already unfolded what their travel restrictions will be for the upcoming months and when travelers are welcome again. Everything points out that July is a viable month to travel safely and now it’s time to choose where to go. 

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8 Dream destinations after COVID-19 [part 1]

Where do you daydream to travel to after the pandemic? Travel bloggers share their ideas

By various authors

Not surprisingly, the travel industry is one of the most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. While Europe and other countries have international travel shut down or heavily restricted, some airlines simply stopped flying and most of us are told to, at least, practice social-distancing. However, we are still dreaming of traveling. We wish to explore the most breathtaking landscapes and enjoy glorious vacations. So at Trip Trip Now we asked travel bloggers to share their thoughts about the best places to go and to tell what can be of interest to other fellow travellers.

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Amorgós, the most charming non-touristy Greek island

This Mediterranean island is (still) far from massive tourism

After spending a few days in Athens and Donoussa, one of the tiniest and nearly inhabited of the Cyclades Islands, we headed to Amorgós, perhaps one of the most charming pieces of land in the Aegean Sea. Amorgós was recommended by Greek friends as an island out of massive tourist reach and that still keeps the traditional Greek lifestyle, yet with lively bars, cozy cafés and restaurants, and good hotels. That is exactly what we found.

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Which unknown Greek island to visit? [Not Iraklia]

Donoussa, the least touristy hidden gem in the Aegean Sea

If you ever wondered which of the Greek islands is best to visit, don´t wonder anymore. Our bet is for two picturesque little islands, charged with a peaceful vibe, sandy beaches, and that amazing blue-turquoise-emerald sea. They are Donoussa and Amorgós and in this post, we’ll tell our experience with the first, a tiny wild island that (still) is a hidden gem. Come with us!

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Top 5 most romantic destinations

Five perfect cities for a love trip

What’s better than traveling?

Easy: traveling with your beloved one! Exploring the world with your special partner, when you are in the mood for love, is priceless. For this occasion, we’ve chosen the 5 most romantic places to go with your partner and have the most wonderful time.

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