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11 Dream destinations after COVID-19 [part 2]

Where to go when the pandemic is over? 11 travel bloggers share their hints

By various authors

When we update this, the world has more than 121 million official cases of COVID-19 confirmed. More than 2,6 million people have lost their lives and the vaccines are finally being shot all over the world, although in an unequal way. So, where will we travel to when we can? We asked that question to travel bloggers. Spain, Sardinia, Israel, New York and so much more were included in the first part of this collab.  Now 11 bloggers share their wishes to visiting (or revisiting) other amazing destinations.

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10 Things to do in Tokyo

What to do in the craziest city in the world (and the most valuable tip of all)

This is the fourth article of a series about Japan and Tokyo. We already provided you with a complete guide about your first hour in the country just even before leaving the airport. We also gave 24 tips about food, restaurants, and groceries and we crafted a whole piece about Japanese culture, customs, and life

But then you think: what about Tokyo? What Tokyo attractions I can’t miss? What fun things can I do there? Which are the essential tips if I’m going to the Japanese capital?

So here go a bunch of tips and recommendations if you are visiting Tokyo, things to see and advice to make your trip to Japan unforgettable.

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23 Facts about Japanese culture

What you should know about Japanese culture, customs, and society

Japanese culture is often taken as mysterious and contradictory for Westerners. In Japan some values are obvious at first sight: order, organization, hierarchy and privacy. The Japanese psyche however is much more complex than that, especially regarding human interactions and sexuality.

Following our previous posts on about what to know in your first hour in Japan and tips about Japanese food, we now write about interesting facts in Japanese culture, customs and everyday life.

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Japanese food: a quick guide

24 Tips about eating out, groceries, and food in Japan

Japan has an exquisite relationship with food. Japanese learn since childhood and school to have a nutritious and varied diet, that is based on fish, seafood, seaweed, rice, soy, fruit, and vegetables alongside small amounts of other animal products (chicken, beef, eggs). Japanese food is not restricted to sushi or ramen and it invites travelers to know the culture through flavors and textures that might sound strange at the beginning but that end up being delicious. After our first post about essential things to know before leaving the airport in Tokyo, we crafted 24 tips about Japanese food and dining out.

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Things to know before going to Japan

15 Essential travel tips to know before leaving the airport

Japan’s tourism is booming. Since 2012 the country has experienced an off the charts rise of tourists visiting each year. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), about 28.7 million tourists visited Japan in 2017. In 2012 this number was barely 8 million. The UNWTO considers any overnight stay by foreigners a tourist visit. 

In 2021 this trend will surely be kept as Tokyo is the next Olympic Games host and the main entrance to other famous Japanese destinations, like Kyoto and Osaka. Having that in mind and considering prices always increase in cities that host global events, we decided to head to Tokyo in the New Year for an 8-day vacation. Needless to say, it was intense and certainly unforgettable. 

So, what we wish we knew before going to Japan for the first time and, more so, going in the New Year? 

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