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Can I enter the UK after Brexit?

How Brexit affects travel and tourism

After three extensions, Brexit is finally a reality and the United Kingdom is not part of the European Union anymore. Since the referendum on June 23rd, 2016, it has been a long way to negotiate how the UK would leave the UE. It should have happened on March 29, 2019, but it did happen only on December 31st, 2020. So, what happens to travelers that wish to go to the UK, especially the ones fond of visiting London’s iconic attractions, now that it is not part of the European Union anymore?

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9 Best things to do in London

The most iconic attractions in the British capital

Attracting 20 million tourists per year, London is the most visited city in Europe – at least until now. It’s no surprise that London is in high consideration in the travelers’ minds: it’s been the financial capital of Europe and has plenty of attractions that fascinate international tourists.

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5 Best cheap hotels in London

Accommodation under 100£ in the most expensive European capital

We know the holidays in London can be pretty tough for many pockets. But we also know that you’d like to enjoy a couple of days there especially before a hard Brexit is on. So if you plan to spend your vacation in London, take a look at our selection of nice hotels and hostels. They are quality cheap accommodation, but depending on the time of the year, they run out fast. So, hurry up and get your comfy place to stay in London right now.

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Let your doggie be the next ‘canine critic’

To check out if hotels are pet-friendly enough 

OMG! This is too cute to be true!, one of our affiliate partners at Trip Trip Now, is searching for a “canine critic”. Yes, you read it right! The popular booking site is headhunting a puppy to “review” hotels across the world to check if they are pet-friendly enough. The perk, of course, includes you, the dog’s owner, as a guest as well. If this isn´t an au-au moment for any traveler with a dog, we don´t know what it is!

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3 Spiritual destinations to enjoy while alive

Inspiring places for calm, adventure and spiritual evolution

The world is full of inspiring places. Some take them as an adventure experience. Others go seeking for self-discovery, healing or even enlightenment. The fact is that traveling teaches us valuable lessons. Which spiritual destinations can make you both relax and challenge your adventurous self? We selected 3 magical places to start with: Sedona desert in the United States; the enigmatic Stonehenge in the United Kingdom; and Camino de Santiago (Way of Saint James) that goes along Spain, France, and Portugal to end in Galicia. Enjoy!

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