Flight deals to Beijing in 2021

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Roundtrip flights from London UK to Beijing China

With the pandemic, long-haul flights are still a bit complicated. If you are in London and want to go to Beijing in 2021, get ready to pay a bit more than usual. Generally, a long-haul ticket from London to Beijing can be easily found under 400£. For 2021, the cheapest tickets are nearly 400-600£.

Where to stay in Beijing, China

Beijing is one of the most interesting spots in Asia. It’s a gigantic city – more than 20 million people live there -, and it has much more than the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, the Ming Tombs, and the Forbidden City. It’s very possible that you’ll enjoy Beijing much more if you have a tour guide. Consider that most of the people do not speak English (except hotel staff) and that it may be really adventurous to wander around totally by yourself.

To help you set up a proper trip, you’ll be able to use my hotels’ search engine to match every kind of accommodation deals. You also can sneak into Booking, Agoda or Skyscanner to find other deals on nice hotels, hostels, guesthouses or even an entire property.

Before going to Beijing we strongly recommend checking some experiences of who’s already been there, like the ones greatly explained in this post published on the blog Lavi Was Here.

Example dates to fly London – Beijing

We’ve listed the most cost-effective dates in 2021. However, if none of those suits you, then feel free to check for yourself and see what alternative deals you’ll be able to find on my Flights’ Calendar:

8 – 13 August 2021: 499£

18 – 28 May 2021: 378£

20 – 29 September 2021: 440£

Cheap Flights to Beijing Roundtrip

Fly Direct or 1-Stop from London to Beijing to London from just 378£

Provider: My Flight Finder

Travel period: Dates available across 2021

Airport of departure: London Gatwick or Heathrow

Destination: Beijing Airport

Hotel: Find hotels, hostels, guesthouses, resorts here

Rental car: Check out prices here

Price: from only 378 pounds per person