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Amsterdam: The coolest European capital?

Direct flights from London to Amsterdam from 47£ roundtrip

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Cheap Flights to Amsterdam
With low-cost departures from London, just about anyone will take off to the coolest of the European cities – Amsterdam! – with no need to rob a bank for that. For only 47£ roundtrip you visit it in January.

Amsterdam is a marvelous town, stuffed with fantastic nightlife, eating, and historic sights. Besides, it´s additionally the site of amazing museums. Important to point that Amsterdam is much more than its infamous coffee shops and Red Light District. It’s a city that suits all tastes.

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Cheap Flights to Amsterdam. Fly from London from 40£ roundtrip on a variety of dates around December or January 2020.

14 – 21 January: 47£

10 – 17 January: 53£

27 – 31 January: 47£

Cheap Amsterdam Flights: Fly direct from London to Amsterdam for 47£ roundtrip

Provider: Vueling and EasyJet

Origin airport: London Southend Airport, Luton Airport

Travel period: Dates available in January

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Flights Price: from only 47£ per person