Onboard Journal

Weekly chronicles about travel, trips and life on the ground


#1. Welcome aboard

In the first chronicle, Sofia Scott talks about the longing for travel in times where trips are a distant remembrance. Check it here.

Buddha statue in a buddhist temple in Sarnath India

#2. An unexpected kiss

When we travel, some myths may be dismantled. When we go to India, anything might happen. Check this chronicle here.

Kalotaritissa donousa greece

#3. Will there be summer in Europe in 2021?

More than half of Europeans feel like packing their bags next summer but, still, many countries are very closed to opening for tourism. Check this chronicle here.

Robot JET Japan Airlines

#4. Can robots replace cabin crews?

Artificial intelligence is everywhere but can it replace flight crews? Will our trips be 100% assisted by machines and no more by the friendly hostesses who help us in the air? Check this chronicle here.