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How to find public restrooms near you [updated]

6 bathroom finder apps to download when traveling

Whether you are traveling or just going around your town, and all of a sudden need to urgently do number one or number two, know that there are great apps out there to help spot a restroom near you to go. We picked 6 apps that are still in the market (as many have simply stopped working) that promise to come to your rescue in those moments of rebel bowels.

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The 7 most beautiful islands in Australia (you never heard of)

Islands with breathtaking beaches, wildlife and outdoors to explore

By Louis from Outdoor Explorer

Australia is home to over 25 million people and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

In addition to welcoming locals, warm temperatures, beautiful beaches, and exotic flora and fauna (such as kangaroos and koalas), Australia also has over 8,200 islands. Here are 7 of the best islands in Australia that can truly take your breath away.

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3 Must-visit South Coast destinations

What to visit in New South Wales, Australia, among so many options?

Anxious to break your quarantine with a trip to the South Coast? If so, New South Wales has everything you’re looking for: lush gardens, friendly people, and endless sandy beaches. The hardest part will be picking only one or two destinations.

So, which spots should you plan your holiday around? Read on when you’re ready to discover which three locations will take your holiday from dreary to delightful.

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Australia bans travelers with domestic violence charges

Women’s offenders are not welcome in the country anymore

Last month Australia gave a step forward in the lack of tolerance policy for domestic violence. A new law bans travelers with a history of domestic violence charges against women or children and stops them from entering the country. Hurray!!!

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