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While we are not traveling, let’s talk about travel


And why not?

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By Sofia Scott

I know that these are times when travel is prohibited – or almost. Seeing our loved ones, the most basic and necessary of human interactions, is also almost forbidden in many countries. But I insist: I want to talk about travel.

Before, I introduce myself: I am Sofia, one of the people behind Trip Trip Now. TTN, as I call it, is my travel blog – although lately, we have traveled rather little or not at all. We are in Barcelona and we are living this craziest and strange year as an experiment in our resilience. Probably you too.


In objective terms, here, in our little quadrant, we are living better than many. We go on with our work and projects (TTN is one of them) and we have not gotten sick from Covid either. But at this point, tiredness, boredom, and anger can beat us.

Enough already! We want to travel.

What else do you miss?

I miss making travel plans for the upcoming months. In a normal year, March-April is when I define, buy or book the summer holidays [recommendation: to buy cheaper flights, 90 days is a reasonable time]. We usually make two small trips in summer. One of 4-5 days for Spain itself (or some nearby country, such as France or Portugal) and another 9-10 for a paradisiacal beach. We spread these two trips between June and August. They are our summer vacations, which can also count on a long weekend that we take on the hottest days. We see it on the go.

Since we can’t really make many plans (for me, in particular, the uncertainty is killer), I spend a lot of time dreaming about photos of heavenly places on Instagram. Photos of the places we want to go – and we will, as soon as we are allowed to!

I’m very obsessed with going back to the Greek islands (like the last pre-pandemic summer vacation, in Donousa and Amorgos, two of the Small Cyclades islands), but this time I’m inclined to go to Iraklia … or maybe Schinoussa … or maybe Koufonisia…

Vaccination passport: the exit to travel safely?

So last week, I read that the European Commission finally made public its proposal for the “vaccination passport” or “digital certificate”, as a common document to all European countries in which it is clear that the traveler:

1) is vaccinated;

2) they are not vaccinated but have tested negative;

3) already had the coronavirus and is recovered.

It gives me a strange feeling to think that we could just go there again, without great worries. But, I think, the reality is not that simple. That topic made me think for a few days and that’s why I decided to write an article on the blog. It’s here in case you want to see it: https://triptripnow.com/es/vaccine-passport/

And you? What do you think of the vaccination passports?

See you next week in one more Onboard Diary.

Until next time!

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*** About the author: Sofia Scott is an expert in technology, digital business and travel. ***