Where was Emily in Paris filmed?

The real-life locations of Netflix’s hit show that travelers can visit

In pandemic times, watching Emily in Paris became fun and honest escapism. It is true that the show is full of clichés about France, but fantasy was exactly what we craved for in the lack of real traveling.

Is the show stereotypical? Sure. Is real Paris not as pictured in the show? Yes and no. Are the show’s locations so beautiful in real life as on the screen? Totally. 

As we love Paris as much as millions of travelers that visit the city every year, we pinned down the main locations of the show. Au revoir!

Emily in Paris show Netflix

Where does Emily live in Paris?

In the Latin Quarter.

Emily lives at the Place de l’Estrapade in one of the most charming areas: the Latin Quarter. This charming square has a sinister background though. Until 1687 this square was the setting for outstretching, one of the most barbaric tortures a convicted person could have. It consisted of hoisting the person to the top of a gallows with her hands tied behind her back and causing her to fall violently several times a short distance from the ground. Very cruel. 

place de l'estrapade illustration

Emily’s building is real, but her apartment’s interiors were filmed in a set though.

Can I visit Emily’s apartment?

Emily’s building door in front of L’Estrapade Square

Sure, you can go to the door of Emily’s building, take an Instagram picture, and sit at the Place de L’Estrapade, while observing the charming neighborhood.

Where is  Gabriel’s restaurant? 

In the Latin Quarter.

Gabriel, Emily’s romantic interest, works at a typical French restaurant called Les Deux Compère, very close to Emily’s apartment. The restaurant exists in real life and is located at 18, Rue de Fossés Saint-Jacques. However, it is not a French restaurant as shown in the series but an Italian trattoria called Terra Nera. Main dishes prices vary from 18€ to 24€.

Just next to Terra Nera, is the bakery where Emily buys her pain au chocolat. Boulangerie Moderne is at 16, Rue de Fossés Saint-Jacques.

What building is behind Emily when she breaks up with her boyfriend?

The Panthéon.

The scene where Emily heard that her boyfriend was calling off his trip to Paris and their romance had just melted down was shot in front of one of the most magnificent buildings in Paris: the Panthéon. It is really a few meters away from her apartment at the Place de l’Estrapade and Gabriel’s restaurant.

the front façade of pantheon in paris

The Panthéon was built between 1758 and 1790 at the behest of King Louis XV. It was meant to be a church dedicated to Saint Genevieve, the city’s patron saint, whose relics were to be housed there. With the French Revolution (1789) the Panthéon, it was turned into a mausoleum to honor outstanding French people, famous or anonymous ones. In the Panthéon are buried Voltaire, Pierre and Marie Curie, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Victor Hugo, Émile Zola, and Alexandre Dumas, among others. 

Can I visit the Pantheón?

Sure. You can get your tickets to the Pantheón here.

Where does Emily work?

In the 1st district, just in the heart of Paris. 

Savoir, the marketing agency where Emily works, is fiction, but its building really exists. It is at 6 Place de Valois, just door to door with Galerie Patrick Fourtin, a trés-chic antique and art store. 

Savoir’s office is really close to Paris’ most known attractions, like the Palais Royal, Musée du Louvre, and Jardin des Tuileries. Another remarkable building located less than 2km from Emily’s office is the Palais Garnier, also known as the Paris Opera. A whole scene in episode 6 was shot there and shows its breathtaking interiors. 

Where was the mattress installation scene filmed?

In Montmartre. 

Emily in Paris scene Montmartre

Emily has one of her crazy ideas to boost her clients’ social media: to place a mattress in the middle of the street and motivate people to share their rest time on Instagram. The scene was filmed around Place Dalida, one iconic spot in Montmartre, dedicated to one of the most famous (and tragic) French divas.

If you visit Montmartre, the basilica of Sacré Coeur is a must-see but it is not the only one. The area has plenty of hidden gems and is full of life. Check some options for tours and experiences in Montmartre here.

Where was Maison Lavaux’s party filmed?

At Cafe de L’homme, in Trocadéro.

The party where Emily first meets Maison Lavaux’s boss, Antoine Lambert, and that pictures the Eiffel Tower in all its glory at night, is at a rooftop bar called Cafe de L’homme. 

Emily in Paris Eiffel Tower Trocadero

It is in one of the buildings that is part of the Palais de Chaillot, that comprises three big museums – Musée National de la Marine, Cité de L’architecture and Musée de L’homme – and that has the magnificent Jardins du Trocadéro and the Seine river just ahead. 

At the rooftop of Cafe de L’homme Emily had the most privileged view from the Eiffel Tower while she talked about perfumes and poetry with Lambert.

For the chic traveler, Cafe de L’Homme offers experiences (dinner, drinks, and astonishing views from 100€ to 250€ per person) or the option of simply having some drinks there. The glass of champagne starts at 18€ and the white wine, 9€.

On which bridge was the Maison Lavaux’s perfume ad filmed?

On Pont Alexandre III.

Paris has 37 bridges and Alexander III is the most majestic one. This bridge was specially built for the Universal Exhibition in 1900, and is the most filmed and photographed bridge in Paris. It connects the Champs-Élysées with Les Invalides.

What is the museum with the Van Gogh’s exibition?

It’s the Atelier des Lumières.

atelier des lumieres van gogh
Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” at the Atelier des Lumières

This art atelier is an older foundry converted into a digital art museum. In Emily in Paris, the characters went to see Van Gogh, the Starry Night, by Gianfranco Iannuzzi, Renato Gatto and Massimiliano Siccardi. For 2021, the Atelier has scheduled a new exhibition called “Monet, Renoir… Chagall. Journeys around the Mediterranean”.

Can I visit the Atelier des Lumières?

Yes, it is open to the public, as any other museum, but following the guidelines to fight the pandemic.

The Atelier des Lumières is located at 38 rue Saint Maur, in the 11th Quarter. It opens every day from 10am to 6pm. Full price ticket costs 15€.

Where is Camille’s chateau and winery located?

In Chinon, at the Loire Valley.

Camille’s family’s winery is called Château de Lalisse in the series and it is fictional. However, the show was filmed in a real-life winery and castle – Le Château de Sonnay. It’s a winery founded in the mid-1800s, and the castle dates back to the XIII century.  

Can I visit the Château de Sonnay?

Yes, they allow tours to the wine cellars and you can buy their wine online. A bottle starts at 16€. 

Which bars and restaurants does Emily go to in Paris?

Le Grand Véfour

restaurant le grand vefour in paris

Emily tries to have dinner at one of the greatest French gastronomic institutions – Le Grand Véfour. Unfortunately she couldn’t book it and ended up having a great dinner at Gabriel’s Les Deux Compère. Le Grand Véfour, however, is a must-see for foodies. It is considered the first “grand restaurant” in Paris and was founded in 1784. It is also where the greatest figures of French politics and culture used to go: Napoleon and Josephine, Victor Hugo, Honoré de Balzac, Coco Chanel and Édith Piaf. Le Grand Véfour is a 3-star Michelin restaurant and you should expect to pay around 115€ for a lunch meal.

La Maison Rose

Emily and Mindy are around Montmartre and sip some wine at a cute bar with a pink façade. It’s La Maison Rose that people say had Picasso as one of its habitués. It’s at Rue de l’Abreuvoir, defined as the one of the most beautiful streets in Paris. 

A glass of wine at La Maison Rose costs from 5€ to 14€. 

Café de Flore

The brasserie where Emily met Tomas, the snob philosopher, is in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, in the 6th Quarter. Besides Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Bouvoir, Karl Lagerfeld used to go to this cafe and sketched some of his creations there, which contributed to making it famous. If you decide to have a cappuccino there, get ready to be ripped off even for Parisian standards, and pay 7,40€. 

Want to check Paris attractions?

If you are a bit tight in budget, we outlined a blog post about 9 free attractions to see in Paris a few months ago.

If you want to see many museums, take a ride on the sightseeing bus and have a cruise on the Seine river, so you should consider the Paris PassLib, which brings many options at a discounted price.

Was Emily in Paris really filmed in Paris?

Yes. The show was completely filmed in Paris and the Loire Valley. Although the interiors were shot in studio, most of the places are real and can be visited.

What is Emily Cooper’s neighborhood in Paris?

Emily lives in the Quartier Latin, the 5th District, one of the most charming and iconic areas in the French capital. Quartier Latin is in Paris’s center and is known for the Sorbonne University, cozy cafés and book shops, besides world-famous locations like the Panthéon and the Jardin du Luxembourg, where Emily runs in the mornings.

What are the most famous locations of Emily in Paris?

Emily in Paris has scenes filmed at Palais Garnier (the Opera palace), Luxembourg gardens, Trocadéro with views from the Eiffel Tower, Alexander III bridge and Atelier des Lumières.