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A wildlife fairy tale in Finland

Interview with Finnish photographer Ossi Saarinen, the author of the cutest wildlife shots on Instagram

All photos by Ossi Saarinen

How many professional photographers are there on Instagram? Millions, for sure. How many incredible nature photographers are there? Dozens of thousands, no doubt. But even with all this competition, Ossi Saarinen has built a loyal audience of more than 200,000 followers on that social network under the nickname of Soosseli. His secret to differentiating himself from the big masters of photography is to publish delicate and oniric portraits of small wild animals in their natural habitat – Finland.  

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The alluring chaos of Naples, Italy

What to do in Naples (beyond the best pizza in the world)

Text and Photos by Vanessa Costa

After going to Palermo in Sicily, I got that little desire to continue exploring Southern Italy. So, two months after a week in Palermo, I planned a four-day trip with three of my best friends to Naples.

The idea was to visit Naples, known worldwide for its history, music (who doesn’t know Sole Mio?), for being the homeland of pizza and, not to mention, the birthplace of Camorra, the Neapolitan mafia. Apart from Naples, the plan was also to go to Pompeii, an ancient Roman city, destroyed during a major eruption of Vesuvius volcano.

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How to save money for a trip [the definitive guide]

A complete method for financial success applied to travel

When it comes to planning your finances, before any action you need to set the basics straight. It means you need to have 6 pillar actions clear as crystal in your mind and daily life. They are:

  1. To have a travel and financial plan
  2. To picture your finances now
  3. To organize your finances
  4. To spend less
  5. To make extra money
  6. To invest your money

But how to execute them? How not to give up in the middle? Keep reading and find out a complete method that will make your dream vacation come true no matter how much money you have today.

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Art Basel Miami: best galleries and parties

What to know (and not to miss) at the fairs

By Sana Imtiaz Choudhry

Art Basel Miami Beach is North America’s most comprehensive, international art fair which showcases the work of 4000 artists from 35 different countries. Scheduled to be held from December 5-9, 2019 at Miami Beach Convention Center, the show will host 20 satellite fairs, parties, and exhibitions during Miami Art Week. Among 269 Galleries that will exhibit their work, there are 20 new participants including Barro Arte Contemporáneo from Buenos Aires, Mariane Ibrahim Gallery from Chicago and Parker Gallery from Los Angeles.

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