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The safest anti-Covid beaches in Europe

Where to enjoy the sun and sea when Europe reopens for tourism

While the world is undoubtedly passing a rough time with COVID-19, most of the European countries have already learned, from their own experiences, what works and what doesn’t work in pandemic times.

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11 Dream destinations after COVID-19 [part 2]

Where to go when the pandemic is over? 11 travel bloggers share their hints

By various authors

When we update this, the world has more than 121 million official cases of COVID-19 confirmed. More than 2,6 million people have lost their lives and the vaccines are finally being shot all over the world, although in an unequal way. So, where will we travel to when we can? We asked that question to travel bloggers. Spain, Sardinia, Israel, New York and so much more were included in the first part of this collab.  Now 11 bloggers share their wishes to visiting (or revisiting) other amazing destinations.

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