Top 5 most romantic destinations

Five perfect cities for a love trip

What’s better than traveling?

Easy: traveling with your beloved one! Exploring the world with your special partner, when you are in the mood for love, is priceless. For this occasion, we’ve chosen the 5 most romantic places to go with your partner and have the most wonderful time.

Paris, the classic love mood city

It´s impossible to leave Paris out of any list of romantic places! The French capital is always remembered as the dream trip for lovers – and, yeah, it’s like that for excellent reasons.

The 3 most romantic places in Paris

  • The top of the Eiffel Tower

Perfect for: A passionate kiss with the whole of Paris at your feet.

  • Pont Neuf
paris pont neuf

Perfect for: Sitting on one of its benches to admire the Seine and remember you have to (re)watch “Les amants du Pont-Neuf” as soon as possible.

  • The weeping willow at the very end of Île de la Cité

Perfect for: Cuddling with your beloved one and making plans for your future together while watching the boats go by. The willow is at a narrow strip of land which points to the sea.

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Venice, pure romance in Italy

The capital of Veneto’s region is drowning but before it definitely does, it’s surely one of the favorite places of lovers from all over the world. Magical, historical, cultural… There are many reasons to spend a few days or even only one day in Venice, so start packing and head to explore it.

The 3 most romantic places in Venice


Perfect for: having a lovely capuccino at the most authentic Venetian café. A tip: go to the intimate bar counter at the back.

Perfect for: a voluptuous dinner with afrodisiac oysters at this intimate tiny restaurant with excellent and not expensive food. A tip: book well ahead.

Perfect for: staying at an intimate and stylish gothic Venetian hotel and feel at a time machine of pure romance.

Finnish Lapland for a magical wintertime

Up there in the extreme North of the planet, there is this magical place called Lapland. It’s commonly associated with the home of Santa Claus or the astonishing phenomena of aurora borealis. However, it’s such a fascinating place to spend your winter holidays that you and your beloved one can easily make vows of eternal mutual adoration there.

The 3 most romantic things to do in Lapland

  • The Northern Lights
northern lights in lapland

Perfect for: staring at the stars in a magnificent natural phenomena and saying “I love you” with no hesitation. Stare at the Northern Lights, the aurora borealis in all its glory, in Lapland. The best time of the year to see them here is from January to April. It cannot be predicted, but when the night is clear and dark, you can be amazed by the dancing lights. Also, the norther you go, better are the chances to see them.

Choose your accommodation away from city lights, and in the Finnish Lapland you have a lot of options. You can be based in Rovaniemi (the capital) and take excursions to the best spots to watch the lights.

To see a wide set of excursions to see the Northern Lights, you can check Musement here.

To get to Finland, you can fly directly to Rovaniemi or fly to Helsinki. From Helsinki, you can reach Rovaniemi by train.

  • Reindeer Ride

Perfect for: sharing a spiritual journey with your love. You will glide through a snowy forest in a wooden sleigh, just like Santa Claus would do. Rides usually last from 10 minutes to a few hours. Visiting a Finnish reindeer farm is often at the top of traveler’s bucket list and there’s plenty of options to choose from.

  • The Finnish Sauna

Perfect for: experiencing a revitalizing and relaxing moment with your cutie in a typical Finish sauna, that’ll take you from the warm atmosphere to the cooling one. To have that, you can stay at a spa-hotel that offers a with an unforgettable Finish experience.  

Our suggestions are the Arctic TreeHouse, the Arctic Forest Spa, the Sirmakko kota-restaurant, and the Lucky Ranch Snow Igloo. All of them have amazing experiences to offer, like a hot tub under the stars or ice-swimming.

Santorini, romance with a Greek touch

The most romantic of the Greek Islands, Santorini is actually a group of islands in the southern Aegean Sea. It is renowned for its white-washed buildings, amazing views, beaches of unexpected colors and delicious food. It’s a volcanic island that gives you the feeling of traveling to another era, a very ancient one, when you explore its cliffhangers, red beaches and deep blue sea.

The 3 most romantic things to do in Santorini

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  • Watch an Oia sunset

Perfect for: enjoying the most romantic sunset ever with your beloved one in a cliffside restaurant. Oia is the most famous town in Santorini, it´s a white-washed village up to the North, and sundowning is pretty famous there as it has many places to watch amazing sunsets.

  • Take a cable car ride up or down the cliffs of Fira

Perfect for: Having a breathtaking view of Fira (or Thira, the capital of Santorini), the Aegean sea and the cliff. For about 7US$, you move up and down in safe and smooth way.  

You can see how it is, from inside the cable car, here on this video:

  • Time-travel in Akrotiri

Perfect for: Feeling like Indiana Jones in the quest of an old civilization. In this case, Akrotiri is the Greek Pompeii, and it is a very well-preserved archaeological site where visitors get a glimpse of life on the island around 1450 BC, before a volcano erupted.

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Santiago, Chile, to experience the South American way

A South American jewel, Santiago de Chile is one of the most European-ish capitals in the continent. It’s charming, elegant, and the cultural center of the country.

The 3 most romantic things to do in Santiago de Chile

  • Visit Concha y Toro Winery

Perfect for: Tasting the best-known wines from Chile and entering in a state of “mood for love” that will make your trip more romantic than ever. Concha y Toro is the biggest wine producer and exporter in Chile. There you can see the grounds, the vineyards, and learn about the winemaking process.

  • Wander around Bellavista

Perfect for: Going around a cool area, full of colorful facades, bohemian  bars and famous restaurants – one of them is “Como Agua para Chocolate”. At Bellavista you and your love can also visit La Chascona, one of the houses of poet Pablo Neruda. Today La Chascona is the HQ of Foundation Pablo Neruda and a museum.

  • Valparaíso

Perfect for: Having a day trip to Valparaíso, on the coast. It is known for its colorful houses and cliffs. Valparaíso keeps one of the houses where Pablo Neruda lived throughout his life. The property, called “La Sebastiana”, is now a museum with amazing views to the Pacific.

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