Mom gives flight passengers earplugs. Reason: her baby

Who was never disturbed by a crying baby during a flight?

But on a recent 10-hour-flight from Seoul, Korea, to San Francisco, California, one mother wanted to make sure no passenger would be disturbed by the first time flight of her 4-month-old toddler.

According to a passenger on the same flight, the Korean woman handed out “more than 200 goodie bags filled with candy and earplugs” to help the other travelers deal with the potentially stressful situation.

The bag came with a note, in English and Korean that said:

“Hello, I’m Junwoo and I’m 4 months old,” the note in Corona’s photo reads. “Today I am going to the U.S. with my mom and grandmom to see my aunt.”

“I’m a little bit nervous and scary [sic] because it’s my first flight […] which means I may cry or make too such noise. I will try to go quietly, though I can’t make any promises.. Please excuse me,” the note reads. “So my mom prepared little goodie bags for you! Please use [the earplugs] when it’s too noisy because of me.”

And you? What do you think of this gesture?