1 in 50 travelers find love on a flight

This is literally “love is in the air”!


A survey claims that true love can happen, and be lasting, while traveling. According to a survey taken by bank HSBC, one in every 50 travelers has met the love of their life while flying.

The survey heard 5,000 travelers about their flight experiences and the onboard connections they made. It included 2,150 interviews from recent flight bookers from 141 countries, as well as 2,000 residents of the UK, 1,000 from the US, 1,000 from Hong Kong, and 1,000 from United Arab Emirates who flew internationally in the past year.

airplane passengers

The survey was conducted in July 2018 and found that 16% of travelers had formed a business connection on a flight, while 14% made long-lasting friendships with people they met in the air. And 51% of respondents said they made a nice friendly conversation with a seat mate.

Also the survey found that on a typical US flight, two new couples are formed,  although it’s unclear if they stay as a couple for very long.

From the passengers’ answers, a typical flying date would show couples sharing a sandwich, a gin tonic, and watching an action film — the most popular meal choice, drink, and movie genre of travelers.

No candy roses: what annoys passengers on a flight

While true love may happen while flying, most of travelers (unfortunately) don´t find their special one in the air. The survey also points out several things about flying that annoy people.

  • Being rude to flight attendants was an annoyance for 65% of passengers;
  • Allowing children to kick someone’s seat annoyed 57%;
  • Taking shoes off annoyed 48% of passengers;
  • Letting children run riot, 47% of travelers;
  • Drinking too much, 46%;
  • A passenger in front pushing back their chair upset 44% of passengers;
  • Taking up too much space in the lockers annoyed 37%;
  • Falling asleep on someone’s shoulder was annoying for 30%.

And the candid habit of clapping when the plane lands is irritating for 18% of passengers, according to the survey.

And you? Have ever found love in the air?