5 Tips for a pet-friendly trip

How to travel with pets and not get stressed in the mission

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Domestic animals were promoted to the level of family members, and as such are present at our side at all times. In the face of this change, why not adding our four-legged cubs to the funniest moments and enjoy our holidays together with us while traveling? Biologist Carolina Carvalho teaches how to succeed in a pet-friendly trip.

Whether on the beach, inland or climbing mountains, we always organize our holidays very carefully and fortunately our pets are also already gaining space in many travel accommodations and facilities around the world!

Nowadays we already find in the hotel chains, several establishments that accept our beloved furry balls as guests and even fill them with pampering, like special snacks or exclusive beds. In some of these establishments, there are even areas for pets leisure activities exclusively. Not to mention that we can even go RVing with them

However, in order to enjoy all these advantages, it is necessary to ensure the safety of our pets and also of all the people with whom they will meet while on the road. And for this, nothing better than stick to some basic travel tips to make the trip much more fun and safe for you and your pets!

Initially, you need detailed planning so that your trip runs smoothly and that your pets also enjoy the whole time. Here are some tips for you to plan your trip.

How to travel in a pet-friendly way

Define initially whether your trip will take place inside or outside the country, as each destination will have specific characteristics.

Health-related issues on traveling with pets

Some countries have several health requirements for the entry of animals and require specific documentation. The preparation and release of these may take months depending on where you live. It is always good to check with the veterinarian you trust – and who knows your pet – what documents are needed to enter another country. It is imperative that the vaccination records are updated. Remember to have a veterinarian reference where you want to travel, so undesirable surprises can be avoided. Do not forget to also ask the veterinarian for nausea, tranquilizers and specific remedies to avoid infestations of ticks and fleas, for example. Another important tip: Check the option of microchipping your pet! Most countries require this form of identification and do not forget to record your information in a microchip database. Also, you can even hire a travel insurance for your beloved pet. Check out this page for detailed information about traveling with pets.

In the air or on the road?

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Animals can also be anxious with new situations, so it is important to start the animal on trips with short journeys. Make the animal used to it and if adaptation is not possible for a reasonable period of time. Check with the veterinarian about the best way to take the pet by land. Remember to make some stops so that the transport does not cause any stress on the animal. Don´t forget about the seat belts for the animal and a pad protector for the car.

If the trip is by air, look for information at the company that will assist you. Some airlines accept animals in the cabin, as long as they meet certain requirements such as the weight of the animal, weight, and size of the transport box. If your pet does not fit the necessary characteristics, try to organize a transport box in a timely manner that meets the following points:

  • The animal must be able to stand up, turn around and lie down comfortably.
  • And also get the animal to get used to the transport box in a timely manner.

Feeding your pet properly

Regardless of the type of trip you always take enough food for at least a little more than what is planned for the duration of the trip. It is interesting to take the portions in pots or bags of their own so that they are ready to serve. This will make things much easier. Also take water in abundance, so as not to be caught unaware in the event of unforeseen events.

What can’t go missing in your pets luggage

It´s not only your bags that you should organize. Your pet also has his, that should carry some items like: 

  • First aid kit
  • Medicines
  • Certificate of vaccination and health certificate
  • Telephone from your trusted veterinarian and also from a clinic 24 hours at your destination
  • Toiletries
  • Toilet mat or newspaper (if the pet is used to it)
  • Identification label
  • Protection against fleas and ticks (can be applied before travel)
  • Guide and collar
  • Photography (In case the animal gets lost)
  • Reservoirs for water and food
  • Favorite toys
  • Poo bags

Pet-friendly hotels? Of course!

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When deciding your destination, look for pet-friendly hotels. Don´t forget to confirm if your pet is welcome to the establishment. Know the lodging policy to know exactly where your pet can circulate, where he cannot stay and where he can poo.

Pet-friendly lodgings, although they feel good about receiving your pet as guests, do not allow the animals to sleep in the same bed or use the towels of the establishment, so do not forget to make the bag with all the items that will allow your pet has a quiet night.

Also, inquire about accommodation: if there is enough space, the floor on which they will be staying, what is the means of transportation, stairs or elevators? This will make logistics and the planning of your trip much easier.

Look for establishments recognized as pet-friendly. At Trip Trip Now hotel search, you can filter on pet-friendly establishments (“Pets allowed”).

There are establishments that care about pets through little treats such as a welcome kit and a specially crafted program for pets. The availability of alternative solutions to meet the needs of the “pet and owner” pair are criteria that test the level of animal acceptance of the establishment.

With this information, you already know the essential points to take your puppy to any destination with you!

*** Carolina Carvalho is a Brazilian biologist and happy mom of dogs Zeca and Madalena, besides caring for her kitty Francis.

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