Game of Thrones studio tour is coming

Get ready for an epic interactive experience in 2020

The epic show by HBO is coming to an end but it doesn´t stop impressing fans. Since its beginnings, HBO noticed the huge appeal for travelers that wish to revive the adventures of the fantasy’s kingdoms by offering tours on the original locations, mostly around Ireland, Iceland or Croatia. But now it’s gone even further: HBO has announced The Game of Thrones Studio Tour in Banbridge, Northern Ireland, from Spring 2020.

game of thrones tour 2020
A rendering of Daenerys’ dragonstone throne room in the HBO’s Studio Tour

The Game of Thrones Studio Tour will be an interactive exhibition of the show’s sets, costumes, weapons and other props, and include exhibits that break down how the technically ambitious fantasy blockbuster was made. Everything to keep the fantasy alive – and highly profitable.

The Studio Tour is being built on the show’s former studios. It is 110,000-square-foot big. “It’s going to be an immersive experience where fans will feel like they are inside their favorite sets from the show,” said Jeff Peters, HBO’s vice president for licensing and retail, to the New York Times.

Remember the castles Winterfell and Castle Black? So there is it. Those were at the Linen Mill Studios, and they are about 25 miles southwest of Belfast. However the Studio Tour will include actual sets from all the series universe. It is requiring rebuild and restoration by the very same crew and artists who worked on the TV show.

“The ‘deeply immersive and sensory experience’ will ‘evoke the show’s magnificence from King’s Landing, Winterfell, Dragonstone, The Wall and the lands beyond, to kingdoms across the Narrow Sea like Mereen and Braavos”, HBO said in a statement.

game of thrones studio tour dragonstone
A rendering of the dragonstone map room

“Guests will be treated to an up-close and personal look at a wide selection of items pulled straight from the screen and have the opportunity to walk through authentic set pieces from some of the show’s most iconic scenes.”

Is Harry Potter ringing a bell here?

Yes, HBO is just following the footsteps of Warner Bros successful endeavor in London (here you’ve got some amazing tips for visiting Harry Potter studio tour). The idea of exploiting the huge success of Thrones through the most sensory experiences possible was first made public last fall. Now it is known that HBO intends to transform four filming locations in Northern Ireland into tours attractions.

It’s not confirmed yet but possibilities include the sets for King’s Landing, in Belfast, where the production was based, and Castle Black and the Wall, in a quarry outside the city.

More visitors in Northern Ireland

Tourism Northern Ireland is thrilled with the attraction, according to its CEO John McGrillen.

“We very much welcome this exciting announcement. Game of Thrones has transformed Northern Ireland into a leading international screen tourism destination, bringing many more visitors and fans of the show to Northern Ireland to explore the stunning landscapes, coastlines and mountains showcased in the series”, he said.

“I commend both Linen Mill Studios in recognizing the increasing opportunity in screen tourism here and HBO’s commitment to Northern Ireland as the ‘Home of Thrones’. I have no doubt this investment will deliver a world-class visitor experience”, he completed.

Tours in the Game of Thrones regions

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