Unique hotels: a paradise for tequila’s lovers

What about staying at a tequila-themed hotel in Mexico?

Tequila’s lovers already have their dream hotel. Matices Hotel de Barricas is located in a tequila distillery and, of course, in a village called Tequila (yes!), in Jalisco, México. It seems to be the most gorgeous tequila themed hotel in the world.

matices hotel tequila
Photos by Matices Hotel de Barricas Facebook page

The hotel has rooms in the shape of a tequila barrel surrounded by an agave field (agave is the plant used to make this beverage). Inside the giant barrel rooms, guests have a complete mini-bar. The interiors are designed in an elegant rustic style. You feel like in an old hacienda from a couple of decades ago although the installations are new and well-maintained. Besides the barrels room, Matices Hotel also offers accommodation in separate houses in the Mexican colonial style.

The hotel main attraction is to offer a stay with a full set of activities to enjoy the most famous Mexican beverage. First and most important: the tequila itself. Guests can see how it is produced in an authentic distillery within the hotel property.

In a real tequila distillery

Fábrica de Tequila La Cofradía produces around 15,000 liters per day under the traditional process-making. The plant, however, is in a modern shape, which makes it possible for guests to see the cooking, juice extraction, fermentation, and distillation. The distillery is open from Monday to Friday.

How to make ceramic tequila bottles

The property also has a ceramics atelier, Arte en Fuego, where guests can learn how to make artisanal tequila bottles and other pottery. The ceramics atelier offers guided-tours every day.

A tequila-themed tavern

matices hotel tequila tavern

Another attractive when staying at the tequila hotel is enjoying it socially at their own bar-restaurant: La Taberna del Cofrade. It is in the underground (4.5m under the surface), just like in the old days, when tequila was forbidden and it forced its makers to sell it inside their property, hidden from the public eye. The tavern offers its own beverages and a menu with tequila from the 5 states where it’s produced: Jalisco, Nayarit, Michoacán, Guanajuato, and Tamaulipas. The tavern is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

A bit of tequila’s history

As you are immersed in the tequila world, why not knowing all about it in a museum? Museo de Sitio del Tequila La Cofradía has 5 exhibition rooms dedicated to telling the story of tequila, its cultural nuances, and how we can better enjoy it. It’s open every day.

Where tequila sleeps

La Cava is where the treasure is kept. Here tequila rests in oak barrels until it’s ready for your delight. Besides having tequila sleeping, La Cava also became that charming shop where guests can buy some tequilas and souvenirs. It’s open every day.

Besides all these activities, the guests at Matices Hotel can, of course, enjoy nature surrounding the hotel-distillery. As the hotel is in the countryside, you can explore the region, which is in a natural park, Dr. Atl, and in Guachimontones Archaeological Site. You can also enjoy warming nights by the fire, staring at the stars.

How to get to Matices Hotel Barricas

tequila town jalisco mexico

Mexico is one of those destinations that leave a print in travelers’ soul. It has a huge offer of interesting places to visit, beaches, countryside, big cities or small towns. Before heading to Mexico for the first time, check this thorough guide that will help with essential tips about the country.

Tequila was named “Magical Town” by the Mexican Secretariat of Tourism, and it is for a good reason. Tequila is located in Jalisco, in central Mexico, and to get there you must first go to Guadalajara, the second-largest city in the country. Tequila is 60km away from Guadalajara and the cheapest way to reach the town is by bus.

In Guadalajara go to the Old Bus Central. There are hourly buses to Tequila. The ride takes around 2 hours and it costs around 9US$ roundtrip. Check schedules and prices by clicking here.

Matices Hotel is 2.5km from Tequila town center.

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