What’s the Secret Flight Club?

Tell us where you want to travel to, and get the best list of flights ever

Everybody seems to find amazing travel offers, except you, right? How to find good flights at a reasonable fare? How to find the cheapest flights possible when your budget is tight? If you don´t have the time or patience to keep searching over and over the internet, this is for you: our Secret Flight Club. And with no fees, no commitment, no nothing.

passenger on a flight

At Trip Trip Now we’re just launching a beta project: a very quick and reliable tool to research the cheapest air tickets in any route. But this is, still, for internal use only.

That’s why we decided to test it as a gift for our users. It’s quite simple:

  1. You contact us telling which route you’d like to travel. Tell us the origin and the destination. If you have a preference for any airport, let us know that. You can send this through the email [email protected]
  2. The time of your travel: whether you know it or not, let us know. If you have a very specific traveling date, tell us that.
  3. We’ll research and send you periodically (like once a week) a list of the best dates and links to those prices.
  4. If you need an accommodation as well, we can help you with that. Just let us know and reliable information will be sent

And that’s it!

Is Secret Flight Club a paid service?

No, not yet. It’s still a beta project and it is and will remain to be free for those who jump in first. So, no worries. There’s no commitment of any kind. You just receive valuable information and decide how to make use of it.

How trustful is the information I’ll get?

The most trustworthy possible. It comes directly from airlines and flight vendors, and it is updated with data from the last 48 hours.